Case for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 – Black

Protect your phone from drops and scratches with this Platinum case for iPhone 7 and 8. This two-piece hard-shell case has a microfiber interior, so your iPhone is safe from drops and cushioned against nicks and scratches. This Platinum case for iPhone 7 and 8 also includes a kickstand, so you can watch media on your phone hands-free.

Case for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 - Black
Case for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 - BlackCase for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 - BlackCase for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 - BlackCase for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 - BlackCase for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 - BlackCase for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 - Black

Samsung failed to provide mobile-device shipment figures on its entire product line, but it did say today that gains were in the high-single-digit range quarter-on-quarter. The company also pointed out that the average sales price of its smartphones increased by over 10 percent during the period. All of the company’s success in the mobile market is prompting some to wonder how long it might take before Samsung trumps Apple in overall sales. Speaking to Bloomberg recently, Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston said that he believes Samsung’s second-quarter handset sales reached between 18 million and 21 million. For its part, Apple sold 20.3 million iPhones during the same three-month period Case for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 – Black.

Apple’s success comes as Samsung faces stronger competition in emerging markets. Smartphone makers Xiaomi, Micromax and Huawei introduced devices with high-end features at low prices. In comparison, Samsung’s strategy has been to to dump older smartphones on the market at low prices. But consumers in emerging markets didn’t want old, inferior technology — especially when Xiaomi and others were offering more compelling devices at the same price. Samsung continues to face intense competition from Apple at the higher end of the smartphone market, from Huawei in the middle tiers,and from Xiaomi and others at the entry level, said Neil Mawston, an analyst with Strategy Analytics Case for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 – Black.

Toronto police said they stopped a car last week for a traffic infraction when they found the driver naked from the waist down with a laptop computer on the front seat, playing a pornographic video that had apparently been streamed over a residential wireless hot spot. The driver was charged with possession, distribution and creation of child pornography, as well as theft of telecommunications–a first in Canada, according to local authorities. News.contextWhat’s new:The arrest of a man accused of downloading child pornography over a hijacked Wi-Fi connection raises more questions about security in the consumer market and has the industry looking for a fix. Bottom line:Running an insecure Wi-Fi hub from a home or office is risky business that can leave a person or company open to a host of legal and technical problems Case for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 – Black. As wireless networking gear becomes more popular, more criminal activity is expected..

Like other independent DSL companies, however, DirecTV found that being an indie was an expensive proposition. Late last year, following the failure of Hughes’ proposed merger with rival satellite company EchoStar, DirecTV’s corporate parent decided the money-losing broadband operation was too costly to maintain. Satellite-television company Hughes Electronics begins shutting off service to whoever remains of the 160,000 subscribers to its scratched high-speed Web service, DirecTV DSL. Hughes gave DirecTV DSL customers what now amounts to six weeks notice to find another provider when it announced Dec. 13 that it would shut down the service Case for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 – Black.

There must be some companies that support the FCC’s position. Who are they?Thirteen companies, including Google,, and eBay, praised the FCC’s reclassification proposal in a letter sent to Genachowski in support of his plan Case for Apple iPhone 7 and 8 – Black. We applaud the middle ground approach that you have proposed, the letter said. We share your belief that this course will create a legally sound, light-touch regulatory framework that benefits consumers, technology companies, and broadband Internet access providers. ..