ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Gold

This lightweight K11 bumper case in gold from ThanoTech features a high quality aluminium frame, which offers great drop protection. Should you wish for extra protection, the case also comes with two easily-removable protective back covers!Bumper design showcases your iPhone's good looksWhilst most of today's cases feature a traditional full cover design, which hides your phones sides, back and sometimes even thefront, ThanoTech K11 delivers an excellent protection without impeding the good looks of your iPhone. This ultra-thin 2.25mmbumper design will leave most of your iPhone on display allowing your to flaunt and showcase its beautiful design.A high quality aluminium bumper compliments your iPhone perfectlyCrafted from anti-scratch TPU and high quality 6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, the K11 bumper from ThanoTechprotects your device whilst complimenting its sleek aesthetics. With a clear back and a matching colour bumper, the K11 case perfectly compliments your phone, keeping it looking and feeling the way it wasintended.Shock and drop protection for peace of mindIn most cases, the more – the better, however, ThanoTech K11 features an ingenious design, which has been crafted from high quality materials. This not only makes the bumper look good and premium in any setting, but also makes it able to withstand most of the drops of up to 16 foot height. You can now enjoy your iPhone's good looks without compromising its protection.Compatible with most 3rd party cables, screen protectors and other accessoriesDue its low-profile, ultra-thin build of just over 2.25mm, this case offers great compatibility with most of the 3rd party products on the market, which include USB cables, mount holders, and screen protectors. Whilst some of the edge-to-edge screen protectors might not be compatible with this case, most, if not all regular screen protectors should fit it without any issues.Comes with two optional back coversShould you wish to add an additional layer of protection to your iPhone 8/ 7, please be aware that this bumper case comes with two complimentary (1 glossy & 1 matte)and totally optional protective back covers. The installation process is really simple and takes just few seconds, however, it will further reinforce your iPhone against scratching.Access to all ports and featuresThe ThanoTech K11 bumper case optimises functionality to all of the iPhone's ports and features. This bumper case features TPU and Aluminium covered, super tactile and responsive button covers with no wiggle. The case also offers all of the cutouts for the charging port, camera and mute switch, all of which are left open for easy use.

ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case - Gold
ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case - Gold

The traditional consumer camcorder market tends to follow whatever is trending with TVs. At CES 2010 and 2011, 3D TVs were big, and so we saw the first wave of 3D consumer camcorders. This year more 4K TVs were introduced, and in turn there were consumer 4K camcorder announcements ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Gold. Panasonic even announced a 4K wearable action cam (though it looks a little ridiculous). The number of traditional camcorders being announced at CES has been rapidly shrinking for the past couple years. This year, Canon announced just three models and they were little more than firmware/software updates. JVC had only two camcorders at the show, but they are rugged, weather-resistant Everio models, so that’s cool at least..

Missing from the list of 4G products announced–and the one thing readers constantly asked us about during the week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas–was the long-rumored iPhone running on the Verizon network. For months, there has been speculation about Verizon getting a version of the iPhone, once Apple’s exclusivity deal with AT&T ends early this year. Indeed, CNET readers and attendees at CES, where Verizon made its big 4G announcements, were disappointed Thursday after both the Verizon CEO keynote and the Verizon Wireless press conference that the iPhone was not announced at the show. Despite its absence, the iPhone still managed to dominate chatter in Las Vegas all day Friday. This isn’t the first time that Apple, which doesn’t participate in CES, has managed to steal thunder from the CES show ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Gold. The first iPhone was introduced at Macworld in 2007, which was held around the same time as CES that year, creating a big stir..

HP’s chief advantage over rival Dell is that it sells both Intel- and AMD-powered machines, giving customers a greater array of choice. With the new dv5000 and V5000, HP offers AMD-fueled alternatives to its great Pavilion dv4000 and almost-as-good Presario V4000 models. More importantly, HP pushes the starting prices of these systems down to $749 for the dv5000 and $699 for the V5000 ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Gold. We like it. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

If you can wait a little longer for the Samsung Galaxy S II to arrive on our shores, that’s one of my favorite new Android phones too. Certainly feel free to shop around. Quick phone question for you. Which phone should I choose on Sprint around September? Evo 3D: like Sense think 3D is a waste. Nexus S 4G: getting a little old but love the screen. Photon 4G I don’t like Blur and could have a locked boot loader ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Gold. HTC Kingdom?New Samsung phone that is in Sprint’s road map? — David, via e-mail..

In addition to showing you which version users had installed from the mobile version of the App Store, Apple has also built this into the latest version of iTunes. Here, as usual, iTunes users get an extra layer of depth compared to their mobile brethren in being able to sort the reviews by version number. Unfortunately, Apple does not let you skip to a specific version, it simply puts them in order, which forces you to skip through several hundred pages to get to the version you’re looking for ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Gold.