VRS Design Damda Glide iPhone XR Case – Charcoal Black

Protect your iPhone XR with this precisely designed case in red from VRS Design. Made with tough yet slim material, this hardshell construction with soft core features patented sliding technology to store two credit cards or ID.Tough hardshell construction, Protect your phone from scratches andknocks with the VRS DesignDamda Glide Case for the iPhone XR. Featuring a hardshell construction that is tough enough to protect your device, without adding unnecessary bulk.Slim-fitting for optimum comfort and a snug grip, Designed with both form and function in mind, it is comparatively slimlineproviding the protection your phone needs without adding the extra bulk. Therefore, whilebeing protected at all times, your iPhone XR will still easily fit within a pocket or a bag.The rubberised edges surround the sides of the case, providing anti-slip protection so you can be assured of a good firm grip on your iPhone XR.Attractivedesign, With a stylish design, the VRS Design Damda Glidefor the iPhone XRprovides your phone with an attractive protective case that is sure to be noticed by your family, friends and work colleagues.Built-in credit card and ID storage, Use the convenient sliding door that is built-in on the case to store a couple of credit cards or ID. This means you can leave your wallet or purse at home, as your flexible friend is stored away inside your iPhone XR's case ready for when you need it.Access to all features and ports, The Damda Glide features cut-outs for all of the ports, such as the charging connectorandcamera. This also means you can leave the phone in the case and enjoy all of its features, ensuring it is protected at all times.Designed specifically for the iPhone XR, Designed with the phonein mind, this case compliments thefeatures of the iPhone XR so it looks just as good with the case on as it does off.

VRS Design Damda Glide iPhone XR Case - Charcoal Black
VRS Design Damda Glide iPhone XR Case - Charcoal Black

4. GPS Driving–Waze. Now that you have a phone with GPS, you can get free turn-by-turn driving directions. Waze is a community-driven service that provides real-time maps and traffic information. I’ve praised the app already, and it continues to improve. Currently Waze lacks voice directions, but those are coming in a future version VRS Design Damda Glide iPhone XR Case – Charcoal Black. What’s more, the developer will be sponsoring a contest for creating the vocal prompts for use in the app and it is running a promotion to give away 10 free MyTouch phones to encourage people to report road incidents..

Apple already offers a digital coupon system through its Passbook app. But the service highlighted in the patent application would take the concept a bit further. Consumers could score the credits in return for watching advertisements VRS Design Damda Glide iPhone XR Case – Charcoal Black. The credits themselves would be processed through a billing system that keeps track of how they’re being used. As such, the invoices for the products or services would be sent directly to the business or advertiser rather than to the user. As one example, the credits could be applied toward paying off part or all of a cell phone bill, essentially providing subsidized or free mobile phone services, as described in the application..

Recode on Sunday reported that American Express has agreed to work together with Apple on its new iPhone payment system, which is widely expected to be introduced with an iPhone 6 at Apple’s September 9 event VRS Design Damda Glide iPhone XR Case – Charcoal Black. Citing unnamed sources familiar with the talks, Recode added that American Express is just one of several partners the iPhone maker needs to sign up before it launches the new mobile payments system. Sources told Recode that Apple has held discussion with multiple credit card networks about the new payment system. The Information previously reported that Visa had agreed to work with Apple, Recode noted..

While there are only a handful of Skype TV cameras on the market, Logitech does have some competition. Earlier this year, startup Tely Labs’ Android-powered TelyHD camera hit the market: this $249 HD camera has built-Skype capabilities along with additional features such as a photo-sharing option that enables you to stream photos to your TV from your iPhone using AirPlay. Logitech hasn’t given a specific ship date for the TV Cam HD, but says it will be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in August and September, respectively VRS Design Damda Glide iPhone XR Case – Charcoal Black. Again, the list price is $199.99, but hopefully in the U.S., at least, the street price will be lower..

The issue was due to faults in RIM’s Slough-based servers, with some users saying they couldn’t send or received emails or connect to the Internet. To put it in more general terms, the whole mess was borked, leaving BlackBerry users fuming. Things aren’t so rosy for the BlackBerry and its buddies, with RIM struggling to compete with smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the iPhone. BBM is pretty much the best thing about owning a BlackBerry, and if it proves unreliable we’ve no doubt that message-hungry teens will jump ship VRS Design Damda Glide iPhone XR Case – Charcoal Black.